Software Engineer @ PayPal

Aug 2016 - Present

Developing a bleeding-edge web framework that changes the way developers solve key engineering problems at PayPal.

4 awards4 patents pending

Software Engineer Intern @ SpaceX

May 2015 - Aug 2015

Built a robust client-side dashboard framework and widget API. It features automatic de/serialization, persistence, drag-and-drop, and an advanced, declarative API for making widgets.

Kick-ass developer award2 tech talks

Teaching Assistant @ Georgia Tech

Jan 2016 - May 2016

Brought my technical expertise on software engineering and UI/UX design to an Information Visualization course for computer science students. Taught lectures on visualization with D3.js, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Ranked as "Best in School"

Software Engineering Intern @ Tyler Tech

May 2014 - Aug 2014

Worked on a RESTful API for an enterprise web-app with a C# back-end. Built client-side features with AngularJS, bringing the company’s services to a variety of platforms and devices. Gave a presentation on leveraging LESS to create more maintainable and expressive stylesheets.

1 award

Computer & IT Coordinator @ National Youth Science Foundation

Summer 2013

Provided networking and IT support services for an international science camp of gifted high school graduates. Also mentored students and taught a course on web programming.


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science @ Georgia Tech

Fall 2013 - Spring 2016 (2.5 years)

Founder @ Design ClubTech Lead @ gt-webdevGuest lecturer @ InfoSec course12 tech talks



awards earned


patents pending


hackathons won


tech talks

Top Skills

PhotoshopIllustratorInDesignPremier ProAfter EffectsSketch
Public speakingSoftware architecture


Key Talent Award

PayPal - Feb 2017

Recognition for significant contributions to PayPal in 2016.

1st Place - Chatbot Hackathon

PayPal - Dec 2016

Created a Messenger bot that integrates with PayPal systems to solve a number of key customer pain points. Wrote code for scripting conversations with complex branching logic structures, as well as an API for responding to user messages on different mediums like Messenger and SMS.

Spot Award

PayPal - Dec 2016

Recognition for developing an innovative technical solution that solves a number of high impact areas for PayPal customers and customer service teams.

Spot Award - Top 10 Innovators of 2016

PayPal - Nov 2016

Recognition for my ongoing work with the Patents Team on innovative new ideas that are driving the business forward. I have a patent pending, and was recognized as one of the top 10 innovators at PayPal for 2016.

1st Place - AT&T Internet of Things Hackathon

AT&T - Apr 2016

I developed an internet-enabled power extension cord that controls 4 AC power outlets. The system reads the state of the power outlets and can turn on/off outlets issued by commands from a central server. It also finds nearby Bluetooth devices, and can use that to trigger additional commands. When coupled with a conversational UI developed by my teammates, we demoed how users could control the outlet using voice and text. Bluetooth proximity can also be used to trigger actions, such as turning off all lights when the user leaves the room.

Kick-ass Developer Award

SpaceX - Jul 2015

Won the Kick-ass Developer Award for outstanding code contributions, providing architectural guidance, and for demonstrating exemplary leadership and initiative by giving talks on relevant tech topics, and owning a new project from start to finish, among others.

2nd Place - Tyler Technologies Hackathon

Tyler Technologies - Aug 2014

I developed a cross-platform, hybrid mobile application that leverages the powerful EnerGov RESTful API I worked on during the internship. I also developed an AngularJS directive that transforms tabular data into a fully responsive, touch friendly grid, complete with toggle controls and intelligent auto-switching based on screen size.

Missouri - Cadet Non-commissioned Officer of the Year

Civil Air Patrol, Missouri Wing - Oct 2012

This is one of the most prestigious awards in the Civil Air Patrol. It is awarded to only one cadet per year in the state of Missouri who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and management skills, and has made profound and lasting contributions to the organization’s aerospace education and cadet programs.

National Youth Science Camp - Missouri Delegate

National Youth Science Foundation - Jun 2012

"Two students are chosen to represent each state as delegates to the National Youth Science Camp. Delegates have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement, leadership in school and community activities, and a genuine interest in the sciences. West Virginia’s Governor invites the governor of each state to appoint a selection coordinator who initiates a competitive process to choose two delegates and up to four alternates. Delegates attend the National Youth Science Camp the summer after their high school graduation." ~ NYSF

Presidential Scholar - Outstanding Student Award

Metropolitan Community College - May 2012

This award is given to academically outstanding students who graduate with a perfect 4.0 GPA from the Metropolitan Community College in Kansas City, Missouri.